Six Reasons You’ll Love These Greek Island Sailing Tours

Is there any better European destination than a Greek island holiday?

Greece is one of the most coveted FOMO destinations on the planet, and for good reason. Cruise Croatia offers the ultimate opportunity to explore this iconic part of the world. Our 8-day Unexplored Greek Islands cruise adventure raises the bar in cruise holidays and promises an unforgettable time in this dreamy destination.

If sailing Greek islands this summer is on your radar, come with Cruise Croatia for the trip of a lifetime.


Our Greek Island Holidays Are Steeped in Mythology

We visit nine islands with solid connections to Greek mythology. One of these islands is Cape Sounion, where the Greek temple of Poseidon is located. Another island on our adventures is Patmos, where the Cave of the Apocalypse can be found.

Whether you’re exploring ancient architecture or marvelling over vistas that remain unchanged since antiquity, you’ll feel a sense of connection to a land and culture as old as time itself.

Greek Island Sailing Visits Picture-Perfect Locations

Imagine yourself in translucent blue waters, looking down at bright white pebbles below. Picture the incredible beauty of iconic coastal villages, expansive mountains and the spectacular Aegean Sea. Just some of the stand-out natural sights on this sailing cruise include:

  • Esperidon fjord and Rocky Mountains in Kalymnos
  • The serenity of Levitha (home to just a handful of local residents) and Lipsi (an island that prohibits the development of buildings any higher than two storeys)
  • Gorgeous, small natural seawater pools of Koufonisia.

Our Greek Island Sailing Cruises Visit Incredible UNESCO Sights

Greece is a UNESCO World Heritage Site hot spot.

During our eight-day sailing adventure, we discover many of these astounding locations, including Patmos’s Monastery of St. John and the historic centre of the mediaeval town of Chora.

But it’s not just UNESCO-worthy locations that will make your jaw drop. The monastery of Chozoviotissa (built in 1088 inside rocky mountain cliffs) and the picturesque “Hora” castle village in Sefiros are just two stand-out destinations that must be seen to be believed.

Greek Islands Holidays Might Help You Live Longer

Did you know one of our island destinations, Ikaria, is famous for local longevity?

Indeed, it is a Blue Zone, meaning islanders live much longer than the global average. In fact, one in three make it to their nineties, and cases of dementia and other degenerative age-related diseases are relatively low.

What’s the secret –  Ikarian wine, home-grown produce or way of life? Find out first-hand and take tips from the locals. Who knows, after visiting this remarkable destination and applying what you learn, you might join us on more adventures like this well into your eighties and nineties!

Our Greek Island Sailing Cruises Are a Gourmet Adventure

The best Greek island holidays celebrate the best of Greek cuisine, right? This eight-day cruise enjoys some of the most mouth-watering meals imaginable. From unforgettable seafood and locally grown honey, cheese and olives to world-famous salads and spectacular sweets, savour some of the most outstanding Greek dishes on offer.

If You Love Wine, You’ll Love a Greek Islands Holiday With Us

One of our destination islands, Lipsi, is home to the world-famous Aposperitis red wine. We’ll be sure to enjoy a tasting where you can learn everything about this top tipple. We also offer an optional local winery tour and tasting on the island of Serifos. The vino here is superb, and the sprawling Aegean vistas are breathtaking!

Looking for something with a little more fire? ‘Psimeni Raki’ is a local homemade liquor that certainly livens things up. This is a potent drop made with Greek honey and cloves following an ancient recipe. You won’t just taste this beautiful brew; you’ll discover the raki-making process with a local family on Amorgos Island.

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