Croatia – One of the Best Places for a Romantic Getaway

If you’re looking for a couples holiday without clichés, we have the most idyllic and captivating country for you – Croatia.

It might not have the city of lights’ Eiffel Tower or Venice’s bejewelled canals. Still, we think its breathtaking natural beauty and rich culture pack more charm than France and Italy combined. So, if romantic holiday destinations are on your radar, make sure this jewel in the Adriatic is at the top of your list.

Four reasons Croatia is one of the best romantic holiday destinations

  1. The sun sets over the Adriatic Sea
    If you’re on the mainland or the west coast of any of its islands, get ready to be dazzled by some unforgettable sunsets. There is something magic and alluring about the sun sinking over a water horizon, isn’t there?

    You’ll be hard-pressed to find more mesmerising water than the Adriatic Sea. With its azure colours and diverse coastal landscapes, this is the perfect setting for an enchanting evening to be remembered forever.

  2. Croatian food & wine will win over any heart
    The best way to anyone’s heart has to be through their belly, and Croatian food and wine create the fastest, most direct route! It’s a good thing Harry didn’t meet Sally in Croatia, as she would have been a LOT more vocal about her meals here.

    From iconic black risotto or luscious cheesy ‘njoki’ (local gnocchi) to just-caught grilled tuna, we’re sure these dishes would all get Sally’s approval. And we haven’t even touched on homemade ‘sladoled’ (ice cream) using the freshest local fruits, chocolates, nuts and more.

    Finding Croatian wines outside the country itself is still quite rare. So discovering varieties such as Pošip, Graševina and Babić, just to name a few, is pure pleasure. The enjoyment intensifies when you sip something special right by the seashore, along a beautiful marina or in an ancient Roman building. Such settings add to the flavour, feelings and unforgettableness of couples holidays.

  3. Enchanting views around every bend
    Speaking of remarkable settings, movies are made here because it’s just so darn spectacular.

    What makes your heart sing? Small coastal villages built on hilltops with crumbling stone stairs and flanked by flower pots in full bloom? Vast expanses of sea dotted with islands? Sprawling ancient buildings beautifully preserved, standing alongside the hustle and bustle of city life? Fields of olive groves with centuries-old trees bent over from the weight of the fruit they bear?

    No matter your taste, there’s a romance scene here with your name on it.

  4. Dalmatian music soothes the soul
    You don’t have to understand Croatian to connect with the beauty and romance of Dalmatian music. Often revolving around themes of love, seafaring and local traditions, this music from the Adriatic captures the passion of this region. Harmonies and melodic tunes blend with the vibrancy of traditional instruments such as mandolins, guitars, and tamburicas.

    You will often hear and see performances in local Konobas (wine bars) and restaurants and be won over by the heartfelt emotion and energy.

    OK, so you’re probably now convinced this is indeed one of the most romantic couple holiday destinations in Europe. But there’s still one question remaining – where exactly in Croatia really tugs at the heartstrings?

The best places in Croatia for a romantic getaway

Truth be told, you could land almost anywhere in Croatia or its islands (there are over 1,200 in total, but not all of them are habitable) and feel yourself falling in love. It’s not hard when you’re surrounded by so much beauty. However, to keep things manageable, we’re restricting ourselves to the top five romantic escape Croatian destinations.

  1. Dubrovnik – with its wonderfully preserved 13th century Old Town, spectacular coastal setting and charismatic cafe culture, this World Heritage-listed pearl of a city really knows how to assert a charm offensive.

  2. Zagreb – think Baroque architecture, boisterous open-air markets, and sophisticated galleries and museums.

  3. Korcula – its quiet coves, abundant olive groves, respected wine region, and delightful Old Town harbour will have you under their spell in no time.

  4. Plitvice Lakes – if you’re looking for a remarkable location from which to propose, this UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is it. Explore 18km of footbridges and paths through simply stunning terraced lakes and waterfalls.

  5. Dalmatian Islands – a string of over 70 islands (and 500 islets) dotted with the most charming seaside villages and vibrant historic towns. Expect everything from Roman ruins and Venetian palaces to mediaeval ramparts!

Romantic cruises

So, the location is perfect; what is the most romantic way to experience it? Why not consider a deluxe cruise? With a fleet of beautifully refurbished and appointed vessels, Cruise Croatia has dozens of state-of-the-art ships sailing to many mainland and island destinations.

With private en suite cabins, great storage facilities, TV, WiFi, restaurants, sun decks, Jacuzzis, lounge areas, wine cellars and more, you’ll want for nothing on such a romantic cruise. There’s just one problem – you might not want to get off!

Visit Croatia with Croatia Cruises

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